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The Autumn-Winter 2020|21 FATIMA LOPES collection,

Inspired by the Japanese IKI, is defined by the construction of a naturally sophisticated look, characterized by a certain detachment that lets echo the elegant urbanity of modern women.

Accompanied by Japanese philosophy, the designer created structured and bold forms that express themselves in the creations of the various pieces in the collection.

The coats have sculpted or pleated collars, graphic shoulders, placed in perspective by a delicate and underlined dimension. The dresses and tops are refined and sensual kimonos.

The sets of volumes typical to Fátima Lopes, are punctuated by origamis that give the collection a special originality and elegance.

The denim pieces are present, as well as Silks, Alpacas, Wool and Cashmere, Lace, Sequins and Velvet. The materials are harmoniously combined and overlapped in a playful and graphic way.


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