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Inspired by the aesthetics of the exotic nature Fatima Lopes Spring | Summer 2020 collection was born.

The designer was carried away by the splendor of the flowers, the magic of the mountains and the sea, which impressed poetry, elegance and sensuality. Guided by the harmony of "natural"colors, played with bold associations.

The greens are exotic and varied, the turquoise comes mixed with other colors, whites are pure and reds intense. Salmon and black punctuate the curves of the many evening dresses.

Fatima Lopes has worked chic and sophisticated silhouettes In an outrageously feminine and flirtatious collection. Silk satins and chiffons come in exotic draping, Sequins mix with lace and feathers.

Glamorously jet-set, the new Fátima Lopes collection Does justice to an exotic and sophisticated nature.

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SS 2020
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